Week 6: Myths and Legends

Week 6: Myths and Legends
Registration Begins
2/3/2020 7:00 AM
Last Day To Register
88 Hemlock Road
Halifax, PA 17032, US
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The last date for registration has passed.


Discover your own fantasy of myths and legends! Princesses, knights, super heroes, and ancient legends can all be found in the magic land of Camp Small Valley!

Summer Camp registration is open and we are focused on providing a Summer Camp experience that follows all health guidelines issued by national and local agencies.  GSHPA leadership and the outdoor program team continue to evaluate what is possible for summer 2020.  If for any reason it is determined necessary to cancel Summer Camp at Camp Small Valley for summer 2020, all deposits and payments will be refunded.

Are you ready to register? Make sure you have the following info handy so that registration is a breeze. You’ll need:

1. All camper medical insurance details from your ID card, including carrier, name of insured policy holder, policy/group #s, insurance company phone number, etc.

2. All information for your camper’s physician and dentist, including name, address, phone number

3. All details regarding Immunizations

4.All details regarding any medical conditions and disease/health history

5. All details regarding any camper medications/prescriptions, including name of drug, dosage instructions, etc.

Please also be prepared to enter all of your information in one sitting (of 1 hour or less before system time-out), as our registration platform will not save partial submissions or incomplete entries!


Cadettes/ Seniors are able to add on an off-site trip option to the Wolf Sanctuary of PA for their resident camp for an extra $50. Examine the world of wolves! Meet several wolf packs and learn about their biology and conservation. 


Contact E-mail
$350.00 per Brownie
$350.00 per Junior
$350.00 per Cadette
$400.00 per Cadette + Off site Trip
$350.00 per Senior
$400.00 per Senior + Off Site Trip
Cancellation Policy
A full refund, minus the deposit, will be given to cancellations before 5/31/2020 unless there is an approved medical reason for the cancellation.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact Member Services.