Badge Kit: Sky’s the Limit (Senior)


Everything you need to earn Girl Scout badges delivered right to your door! Our program coordinators created a kit complete with step by step instructions and supplies to complete a badge.



  • View the sky in a new way and soar through the masterpiece above.  Observe and investigate the science of the sky, explore human’s connection through flight, and find solutions to sky pollution while earning the Senior Sky Badge.  
  • Materials Included: flashlight, push pins, balloons, petri dishes, magnifying glass, and an airplane to build. 
  • Materials NOT Included: Tape, pencil/pen, clean aluminum can, toilet paper roll, piece of cardboard 5x5, internet connection. 



GSHPA Badge Kits contain instructions for activities that will complete all the steps of the badge, specialized materials, and the badge.  Shipping is included in the price. 

-Kits purchased between Oct 1 and Oct 19 will ship by Nov 2

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